• Lorne Brown

    February 11, 2022 at 8:33 am

    Hi Kari,

    We are planning to give a rebate/refund for the intro course. That was the plan on our end when we scheduled it for October 2021, to give you a taste of the mentorship by literally having an introduction to the work. And the mentorship registration was open when we ran the course and I am sure on the break we told the group they can allocate funds for this course toward their mentorship fee. Regardless, it was our intention anyway.

    There is only 13 in our group who registered through HS for the intro course. It is a manual process so likely done before end of March.

    There is no refund or rebate for the 4 CEU trauma course. We are not going to add a $99 fee for those here who had not taken on HS either but now have access to it for CEU:-)

    An idea, if you used the HS certificate for the trauma course for your renewal already then you likely can use the mentorship certificate (as certificate date will be 2022) for this renewal. Majority registered for HS version between 2018 and 2020 and a few in early 2021.


    • Yes, we plan and will refund those who purchased the intro course on HS.
    • We will not refund the other additional recordings we have added or may add to the mentorship. (Trauma course, ethics and safety, 10 hour recorded course to be released this year in the mentorship program)

    Thanks for the question. And for those who did not know you were getting the intro course rebate you paid for… surprise!!

    There are a handful of us in our group who have not completed the courses on the site yet. The Jan 22 &23 weekend (12 CEU/PDA) and remember the ethics and safety (4 PDA) on the ANP site. Oh, the intro course too (3 CEU). Please complete them for CEU in the coming weeks. We only applied for a limited time for CEU/PDA approval. You are expected to complete each module within 3 months of it being available. As I mentioned before, momentum feels much better than overwhelm. I invite you to complete your courses so you can have wind at your back and enjoy the momentum.

    Keep it playful,


    Please visit FAQ

    You will have access to recordings and materials during the mentorship period and until March 31, 2023.

    Please note, quiz access to complete for CEU/PDA will be made available for 3 months following each live session. You have 3 months to complete the CEU requirements for each live section of the program. Final access for the last live session will end March 31, 2023. Please plan accordingly so you can complete the CEU requirements within the 3-month time allocation for each live section.