• Lauren Potts

    February 14, 2022 at 5:23 pm

    Hey Kelli 🙂 I love your interest and enthusiasm!

    How I came into relationship with Tarot was much like your approach – sitting with cards having been drawn and having some knowing about what was being expressed without any previous knowledge. And, me being me and speaking the language of Chinese medicine, I saw things in terms I could relate to points, elements and themes aligned with the 8 extras. I was working with and learning from a friend who was a professional Tarot reader and we just started playing with it together, both super excited about what was coming through. We would do readings for each other and I would create treatments to complement the readings. She would see patients of mine for readings and share (with consent) what came up and I could see resonance with what we were already working with. Eventually we started offering the sessions together – I wasn’t confident enough to read on my own yet so she would lead the reading with my input where I felt like I “got it,” and then she would leave the room and I would create and offer a treatment. In 2020 I was ready to offer these sessions solo and she was moving on to other things.

    Sometimes the treatment is medicine and support to move through sticky parts of a reading. Sometimes it’s anchoring the message with resonant points. It’s about utilizing acupuncture points to support the reading being integrated into your energy body. The Tarot reading provides insight on the soul level work available to someone in a given moment and the acupuncture can then be grounded in service to the soul’s calling. And the amazing thing is, even when I do this with folks I don’t have previous relationship with, the treatments that come up with reference to a reading are never at odds with what I feel on the pulse. It’s always a confirmation and deepens the perspective of the reading.