• benjamin@anewpossibility.com

    February 15, 2022 at 6:00 am

    Liz – thanks for circling back to this piece of prima materia again here, and for articulating it so well. I’ve understood your struggle with “I think about my next offering, but I don’t make the time or space to start the work on it and flesh it out. I don’t spend time to bring it forth and make it a reality.”

    I know this one really well myself. If Lorie could tell you how long I’ve been talking about offering an astrology class (this year!). Or any number of other projects that put me at the center …

    I love the connections you make to stepping into your power and procrastination. I think for me that is also a big underlying piece about self-worth, or valuing myself. Knowing my value. And then there is the Virgo tendency toward perfectionism, which can kill a project before it even gets off the ground because … well, will it ever be good enough. Will I ever be good enough? Or maybe if I do just a bit more preparation, or take one more class, then I’ll be ready …

    Small, yet steady steps feels like a key. Maybe even putting a date in the calendar, something to work backward from. We can help you with this piece of lead as we’re so intimately familiar with it ourselves. And we also recognize your worth, the value of what you uniquely have to offer. If you’d like me to review your ideas, help you distill them, come up with a working outline for the retreat, let me know. Happy to. And maybe start small … like an afternoon workshop instead of a weekend retreat. But you’ll know what is right.