• Kari Knapstad

    February 17, 2022 at 1:16 am

    Hi Anita,

    I, too, have been feeling the ripples from the time I knew I was taking this program, they are the reason I pressed the button to join! Today I had an interesting ripple. I’ve been in a development circle for a year. Last week I didn’t attend as I’ve still been in a covid bubble while my partner has been having a more difficult time with recovery. I have used the time to dive in to and saturate myself with the class material. During these 3 weeks of cocoon, something has changed, I have changed, and I feel the alchemy at work. I’ve felt it as I returned to work this week, as if I’m working on a different level with my patients. It has been strange to be out in society again, as if I’m vibrating on an-other frequency, as if I just emerged from a cocoon and my wings are still wet. But when I returned to the development circle today, as I focused inward I felt energies in the layers of the 5 spirits. The Yi & Zhi weren’t calling my attention. I could feel the lighter, more ethereal Shen. The Hun was notable and I could feel where I had thicker densities in the Po, which makes sense as it is more yin. They were showing me something about the blockages I’ve had in development and that I am learning new tools heal them. It felt as if my Prima Materia was confirming itself. I’m excited to ride these ripples forward and am thrilled they are ripples rather than tsunamis!