• Lauren Potts

    February 18, 2022 at 10:45 am

    Hi Nicole, thanks for your comments. I have not seen the Celestial Deck – it piques my interest though. The astrological assignations of the Tarot cards are lately very interesting to me as well. It’s not an aspect of Tarot that I have engaged with up to this point, but since beginning this mentorship I’ve been drawn to it. Noting the cards that are aligned with certain planets and signs gives me some information about those planets and signs – something to grab on to that I already have an understanding of through Tarot. It’s a fascinating bridge into Astrology, which is lighting me up big time right now.

    I am only a little familiar with I Ching, not enough to use it in any meaningful way at this point. But I can see the appeal – I do love its foundation in the natural world and the roots of the medicine we practice. It sounds like you’ve found wonderful ways to integrate it in your practice.