• Kari Knapstad

    February 18, 2022 at 2:30 pm

    Benjamin – Last night I wrote pages in response to your question and the rabbit holes it took me down. Here are a few more;-) Ahhhh, alchemy!

    My Prima Materia at this point is a zhi level fear of being a healer (healer is a word I don’t use in regards to myself, it feel like hubris to me, but it just keeps pouring out of my mouth and my fingers since this mentorship began). I say zhi level fear as it stems from being killed for it in lives past and continues to surface in a very sympathetic nervous system dominant way.

    The blockages I was referring to are around mediumship development, which I have been actively developing over the past 16 months. I absolutely loved hearing Lorie quote Claude Larre in her Seven Po and the Wisdom of the Body Soul HS Course. “It is important to not call the gui bad names. They are energy floating on the wind that need to get to where they belong.” When I was young, I would tell my mother that people were there and she would help them get to where they belong. How I wish she didn’t send me off to play, but kept me there and taught me that they were spirits and how she helped them to find their way home.

    I feel there are blockages in my ability to see, hear and feel, but also know that it is a process of unfolding. In the meditation on Wednesday, I realized that understanding my Po and my Hun will allow me to better access clairsentience and clairvoyance. Hopefully building a relationship with my Zhi will help me to better access clairaudience. Of course, this is all related to my fear of being persecuted, of being burned at the stake for having such healing gifts. I believe my chart pretty much tells this story too and with Venus and Jupiter at my mid-heaven… let’s turn some lead into gold!