• benjamin@anewpossibility.com

    February 19, 2022 at 7:08 am

    Joanne – thanks for your honesty … it’s truly a gift to all of us. “To alchemize my longing to escape into a longing to transform.” Beautiful distillation of your Prima Materia. It’s endlessly astonishing to me to see how these themes appear in our charts; in your case, I’m looking very much at Neptune’s (in Sagittarius – the gypsy archetype) square to your Sun. Neptune does long to escape … or dissolve … or transcend. Ultimately, Neptune brings us to the Divine. That Neptune would/will long for adventure, freedom, and spontaneity … the lifeblood of Sagittarius.

    And yet, it forms that tense aspect with your Sun in Virgo … a sign that demands precision, and grounding, and attention to detail, and the tireless pursuit of working on oneself, of getting really good at something in order to be able to offer it to others as service. Your chart is telling you that, somehow, the needs and tendencies of that Neptune in Fire and that Sun in Earth are looking for a way to get along, and a way to find integration through the expression of your lived life.

    I look forward to exploring these themes with you more deeply, through our upcoming session but also through the coming year.