• Lorie Dechar

    February 19, 2022 at 1:09 pm

    Liz, a BIG BRAVO!!!! on your prima materia:

    stepping into my power and starting the work on my retreat offering

    I get that you have dipped your toes into these waters before and that you have started lists and notes for ideas and steps required to make it happen. But I have never witnessed you putting this issue front and center for you focus for the year. I’m excited!

    My question now is, what kind of support do you need to take the leap? Let’s get very real and granular (verrrrry Virgo!) and flesh out some details as far as timelines and To Do’s. Also, I’d like to support you in doing some in-depth exploration of “what stops you?” In other words, I think a multi-dimensional approach is called for that includes outer work on the “mental level” as well as inner work on the “magical mythical” soul level. Let’s keep the conversation going and maybe come up with some “deliverables” and accountabilities at the next Office Hours.

    It’s time. You are ready. You have what you need to manifest this vision. Let’s make it real this year!