• Erin Levinthal

    February 20, 2022 at 10:20 am

    Benjamin, you may recall during our reading, my prima materia was more focused on my fear-based procrastination, a life-long pattern of hiding behind the scenes licking my wounds. After our reading I felt a nugget of joy and excitement crack open and spread throughout my entire being. You helped illuminate my strengths, gifts, and mission during this wild and weird iteration of my life and you blew life into the flickering spark fueling it with hope, excitement, and truth. So many of my beliefs have been driven by the fear-based Ego and experiences of not being worthy of love let alone true happiness. I am done with poisoning the well of my potential with these untruths and I am so grateful to you and your ability to reach me through your celestial prose. Deep bows sir, deep bows.

    The quote was a prayer that came through when I was re-defining my prima materia.