• Kari Knapstad

    February 20, 2022 at 3:14 pm

    The nightmare originally was a memory of my mother leaving me at nursery school. I stood at the top of the jungle gym and watched over the fence as she walked away. I woke screaming in terror and often woke the whole family when I was young. This nightmare continued through high school.

    The day my parents dropped my off at college and they left me at the dorms, the nightmare changed to my observing an airplane taking off, sometimes landing, sometimes in flight, but usually taking off, and exploding. Rarely have I been inside of it. Last night airplanes were exploding in air and heading towards landing or actually crashing. In one dream, the pilot knew that there were problems and turned to land, but blew up first. The last one crashed in the yard behind the house (all of these were viewed from my parents’ back porch) and the debris and explosion came right towards me and I woke a second before it consumed me.

    I have a bit more clarity after typing all of this, but am still interested in your perspective.