• Lorie Dechar

    February 20, 2022 at 4:49 pm

    Dear Erin,

    I am taking a deep breath after reading what you have shared in response to my queries. As you say, this is a big, multi-generational story. I sense that you have already done much to unravel and heal and yet, with a story like this, there are many layers and the unraveling takes time.

    This new piece of prima materia: receiving premising to shine, to speak up, to let go of bygone beliefs and open to joy and purposeful prosperity resonates strongly after learning more about your personal story as well as some of the ancestral issues that you are dealing with.

    I do feel that a ritual as part of your inner work this year would be a powerful way to transform the lead into gold! I am attaching a rather detailed handout that I developed to support people in understanding the purpose of ritual and creating one for their own alchemical work. I suggest you first take a look at this handout. See what comes to you as far as an initial response and write back to me here.

    A few “pointers” –

    • A ritual does not have to be long or complicated to be effective, it just needs to gather up the issue in a symbolic way that touches you at a soul level.
    • Make it something that you will feel comfortable doing i.e. it shouldn’t be stressful but beauty does help!
    • There’s no rush! Let the process unfold organically. Watch your dreams. Watch what shows up in your daily life. Be open to surprises. Just opening to this possibility is already shifting something in your “field.”

    Then, let’s discuss next steps. Remember, you have a whole year to work on this! There is no rush. Alchemy takes time like love takes time. It is a process! But I feel your work is well underway and I look forward to supporting you in the transformation.