• Lorie Dechar

    February 20, 2022 at 5:24 pm

    OK Kari! Clearly you are in your process with these dreams!

    Like Benjamin, I am looking forward to learning a bit more about the details of your prima materia. But even without that information, I do get a strong preliminary hit about the dream of the exploding / crashing planes that you share above.

    Before writing back in response to this dream, I went back and re-read your introduction. What I get from the intro as well as the dream is that something is ready – really ready – to shift in the way you are approaching your work as a healer and acupuncture practitioner.While the change is necessary, timely and exciting, it is also scary. I do not know enough about your family to understand how or why they are connected to the “scariness” but the fact that you were viewing the crash from your “parent’s back porch” tells me that your family is somehow related to your work here and there is an old pattern that needs to be transformed.

    As scary as this exploding plane dream is, I would venture to say that it also is coming with a message directly related to your healing and wholeness. One thing this dream seems to be asking for (in fact, demanding) is that you “come down” … While I am very careful about generalizing or making assumptions about symbolic meanings of dream images, I get the feeling that these exploding planes may be related to the need to “explode” an old way of being that keeps you up in your head or overly spiritual in your approach to what you are working on (which I sense have something to do with your practice with patients).

    It’s like there is an old way of approaching things that isn’t working, that’s actually blowing up!

    What’s interesting to me is that even when you were a little one in nursery school, the nightmare had you “high up” on the jungle gym. Even then, you were “up there” and feeling abandoned by the maternal / yin / supportive matrix of earth / body / mother.

    This is just a first dipping toes into these deep waters. Remember, there is a whole year ahead to sort this out. But one thing I would suggest for now is that you work with integrating the inner sensing process, really making it a practice to “go down” into your body to get information and not try to figure things out with your mind. As you develop your prima materia, keep coming back to the body felt sense to see if it clicks at a body level. Then let’s see what unfolds.

    Kari, I hope this lands in you in a way that resonates. If not, don’t force it! I don’t know you very well yet so I may be off the mark so please check in with your own inner knowing rather than taking what I’m sharing here as “the Truth.” But let’s keep the dialog open and see what shows up next!

    Thank you for being willing to share at this level. Your work is definitely underway!