• Kari Knapstad

    February 21, 2022 at 5:19 pm

    Thank you both for all of your help!

    Without going into multiple pages of last night’s stage of full-moon prima materia dreaming and the wild aha’s that it brought (again, I will send if you want it), the airplanes became a rooted swing set that was in a park with trees, not fenced in. From the front of the swing set, I was pushing a girl who was a young adult, but has gotten younger as I have been processing the dream, on a swing, teaching her how to not wait for the swing to stop and step off, but how fun it is to find the sweet spot and jump off. I have a strong childhood memory of, and still have fun with, driving on certain underpasses at the perfect speed and I feel the pressure drop “in my stomach” and I might get dizzy as the blood sank from my head, the place where entropy turns to negentropy, or drive over certain hills and the pressures would make me lightheaded on my way towards being weightless, a representation of the liminal space of change and transformation, the pause between the breath, the space where, if just for a moment, we can fly on our way to a safe landing.

    There are pages more, because everything is funneling in like a vortex and merging with the turning of the key. I believe the exploding planes were the alarms to bring me back to the beginning and the wall is the deeper issue at this stage. Even as it is seemingly dissolving, I feel the energetic resonance. I never before connected the fortress wall around my healer and the nursery school fence I was watching over. Thank you. This is my PM. 🙏