• Nicole Thiel

    February 25, 2022 at 2:19 pm

    My journey with this oil has many facets. I woke up simply smelling the fragrance. With one drop, a warm, concentrated energetic ascended through my kidney meridian and landed in my uterus. There, a dance of three cycles of infinity symbols from front to back radiated light as another ascent begin through the Ren channel to Kid 27 and on to LU1. At that point a sweet relaxation on the out breath diffused the energy to descend to Ren 12. Remarkably, a quiet, serene, Mt lion showed her stately presence. As one of my root totems I was delighted to see her residing in my solar plexus.

    Beneath me, my feet spread their roots deep, far and wide.

    Peace, clarity and presence.