• Kate Rosko

    February 25, 2022 at 5:35 pm

    Benjamin, appreciate your thoughts and reflections…the “lone wolf” piece is definitely a major chunk of my prima materia. And “finding feet on the ground” for new ideas and ahas…expressing those in a dedicated and sustained way, feels very interwoven with my prima materia of hypervigilance around my heart that forces me to withdraw my light. The network has been a supportive place in taking small steps toward more authentic expression of what’s inside. And that feels like one way to reconnect with the pack.

    Thank you for the Walnut flower essence suggestion. I’m aware of this time as a long, slow and spontaneously arising grief mixed with deep appreciation and gratitude for my current home. It’s the house I “grew up in”, where I really learned to take care of myself and become an adult (and went through major Pluto transits!). I’m also finding myself ready to transition and surrender to the change of lifestyle and surroundings that my move will bring. I’m starting to can’t help but think that it’s not a good thing for me! I’m moving from West Saugerties (outside Woodstock) to Kingston, which is close to where I am now, but a very different environment. I’ve also been telling my cat Maji about the move, and asking her what she thinks, and I think she’s pretty excited, which is very encouraging : )🖤🐈