• benjamin@anewpossibility.com

    February 26, 2022 at 9:34 am

    Cari – I’ve read through your Prima Materia post a number of times and what keeps coming up for me is the question of whether you have to do this alone … that is, manage the chaos that Wolfie invites into your life. Of course, I do not yet know the particulars of your situation and its entirely possible that you are not alone … yet something in your writing conveys to me at least the *feeling* that you are alone.

    Flower essences also come to mind. Are you working with them already? As I’ve said to others in response to their Prima Materia, we’ll be embarking on our work with these plant allies on the April weekend, but that doesn’t mean you cannot begin to consider them now.

    I also want to be certain you see this article on our ANP network. I think you may find it helpful or supportive.