• Lorie Dechar

    February 26, 2022 at 10:59 am

    Hello back to you, Amy! Good to have a deeper sense of you and your inner work. I am particularly drawn to the closing line:

    to remove the shackles that prevent me from being fully immersed in the simple, ordinary beauty of the present

    This is so simply and beautifully expressed and although it feels very personal to you, it also speaks to a universal longing of humanity … so much a part of the healing that is needed on the planet now! So, as you engage in your own work with this prima materia, I feel that you will also be discovering ways to help others also discover this kind of moment to moment presence to life.

    I do resonate with your idea that the “net” or veil that clouds our vision and separates us from the miraculous embodied spirituality of the moment is a kind of possession state, a way that we are taken over by demonic energies whether karmic, collective, ancestral, cultural or personal. This is a huge conversation and one that i am quite interested and that perhaps we will get to later in the year in but for now, I would counsel you to go slow with the “unpacking.” Take small bites and chew slowly!

    For example, when you feel yourself being “taken over” or “going a little crazy” consider what helps bring you back to the moment. Dancing? Qigong? Taking a walk alone or with a friend? A simple breath practice? Black spruce on Bubbling Spring? These small gestures in the direction of embodiment continued regularly as a practice can have a big effect on clearing our nervous systems. Another thought that comes to me is a flower essence, Present Presence, developed by Lindsay Fauntleroy, one of our A New Possibility faculty members . Take a look and see if it calls to you:


    If you do decide to work with this essence, I suggest taking 4 drops 4 times a day for one complete moon cycle and then let’s check back in!