• benjamin@anewpossibility.com

    February 26, 2022 at 11:14 am

    Dear Karla – having courageously allowed yourself to crack open, I love that you are now finding ways to dance in the cracks! I’m also aware as I read your post that the way each of us speaks has its own quality and nature. So often I imagine the liberation of voice as shouting from rooftops, and yet a Mercury in Pisces speaks through dream, through music, poetry, vision, and ultimately through giving language to the great suffering of the world soul, the world heart.

    As I look in your chart for the clues to the perfectionism that has defined so much of you life, I land on Saturn in Leo in your 6th house. Surely the strategy for working with the blockage implied by such a Saturn placement is to develop your self-expressive skills. Steven Forrest talks a lot about Leo as being connected to “emotionally risky self-revelation,” and perhaps that is a piece of what you are dancing with now? I know I have always been touched, moved, blessed by your willingness to share yourself in emotionally risky ways.

    I am also reminded of Bayo’s invitation to let things be messy, to allow ourselves to fail, as we dance in the cracks. You know I am your soul brother in terms of this adherence to perfectionism, so let’s get messy together as we enjoy our tea at the crossroads! 🤗💗