• Lorie Dechar

    February 26, 2022 at 11:53 am

    Dear Judy … I am quite touched by what you have shared here and can very much identity with the issue you are enquiring into, The truth is that the “skepticism about this method that defies my left brain conditioning about what is possible” is very much what initiated my impulse to write my first book and develop my own ideas about healing. In other words, our skepticism can actually be a catalytic gift (think Rich Tarnas, Cosmos and Psyche!)

    So, I propose a possible reframe here. Perhaps your skepticism is not so much a distrust in yourself as a calling forth to bring the fullness of your intellect, intuition and creativity into form i.e. a bold, well-researched and organized manifesto! Wasn’t our initial conversation about you finding your “chutzpah”?

    Also, I would also propose a reframe of the either / or dialectic:

    either it is the method that is “working” or it is the activated relational field between me and the patient that is initiating the healing response

    I already know you well enough to assume you see the impossible double bind in that dialectic! It’s a both / and not an either / or, so you can let go of that impasse and move on!

    Judy, as I have already said, I’m excited about your vision of some kind of writing / distillation of your methodology and see this year’s mentorship as a way for you to begin to crystallize that vision. I’m wondering if there is an actual action step you could imagine taking as we move into the Wood Season (time of birthing new possibilities, vision, planning) that would bring you a bit closer to your goal. Let’s keep this conversation going and see what spouts! 🌱