• benjamin@anewpossibility.com

    February 26, 2022 at 12:41 pm

    Dear Kari – finally finding some still space at the weekend to be with your writing here, to take it in again. What I’m aware of as I read through it now is a body felt sense of urgency coming through. Understandable … 40 years of exploding airplanes, the deep and strong desire to hear the messages of the spiritual realm. I felt a strong click in reading, ” … and perhaps hearing isn’t actually how the information is communicated.” I want to encourage you to breathe into this possibility, to lean back into some spaciousness around the inner work you’re engaged in. The writing you are doing is surely a valuable part of your process. And … I recognize that you might be in a very different place at this point than you were when you first posted this particular writing.

    I also have a sense in looking at your chart of the imperative for you to establish a very strong vessel as you open to the Watery depths of your authentic nature. There is <i style=”font-weight: bold;”>so much Water in your chart, and so many planets in Watery houses … there is, of course, with such placements the possibility of that Water flowing everywhere, which I imagine could feel destabilizing to you. In other words, being a channel for so much energy requires the kind of containment that would allow you to feel absolutely safe.

    I also want to encourage you to look at this flower essence. I think the Pink Torch Ginger could be supportive as you work to transform the trauma of past lives and open to your gifts in the present. If you do purchase this elixir form LOTUSWEI, try using the code FLOWER at checkout … it may offer you a discount. If this essence doesn’t resonate, no doubt we will find others to recommend as we move more into working with flower essences.

    Please let me know that you okay as you continue to live the alchemy.