• benjamin@anewpossibility.com

    February 27, 2022 at 5:30 am

    Hi Anita – thank you for asking! Yes, many of us are trying to process the events taking place in Eastern Europe. And, of course, it impacts each person differently depending on so many factors. In your case, the fact that your sister’s partner is from Ukraine, and his father is being displaced, brings it much closer to home. The recommendations you’ve made feel sound. I don’t know your sister’s partner, but it’s likely he is feeling flooded with so many feelings that it may be difficult for him to process them, to find words to express them.

    I feel that holding space, not imposing any expectation, is the best we can do. Caring deeply. Staying curious, interested in each other’s experience. Also, allowing ourselves to be touched and changed by being with another person’s experience. Deep listening.

    It’s important to recognize our “right size” … to surrender to the reality that no one of us can “fix” this atrocity, and yet our very way of being does create a different vibration in the world, one that will hopefully one day create the conditions where this kind of greed and drive to power has no place in the global landscape.

    And take care of yourself. Listen to what your own animal body needs to feel safe. Recognize that as you hold space for others you absolutely must take care of yourself. So, Rescue Remedy for you, too. Time in nature. Lots of hugs from your husband and daughter. Gratitude for the remarkable blessing of the comforts we enjoy in our lives. I will also post today to our network links to organizations that will allow us to send support to Ukraine.

    Lastly, I will make space this morning in ‘How Is It With Your Soul? ‘ for these very considerations. I hope you can join us. If not, please let us know as the week unfolds if you need further support.