• benjamin@anewpossibility.com

    February 27, 2022 at 6:28 am

    Good morning, Lauren – yes, thanks for acknowledging the myriad threads that weave to bring us to each moment and to the PM calling for our attention at any given time. That is why we have persisted in giving ourselves and those who study with us the full year … and beyond! Over this time we are able to take up more of the various threads, and hopefully begin to reweave them in ways that create more wholeness.

    It’s interesting to me to read of your mother’s agency in choosing a progressive Catholic church, and amen for that! I can hear in your words how many of the things you were exposed to through her involvement there have become important tools and ideas for your own development as a healer. I firmly believe that your doing the work now on this lead does heal your ancestors and future generations.

    Because you bring up “the difficulty I have in speaking my truth loudly when it breaks from ‘established authority’ and fully trusting a truth that is a direct transmission through my body,” I have to point out a certain configuration of your chart.

    Your south node is in Aquarius, a sign associated with profound questioning of authority and with speaking one’s truth no matter what the consequences. That would indicate that in past incarnations this theme has figured very prominently for you. The south node speaks to our karmic past. Your north node (always directly opposite the south node) is in the sign Leo, a sign you might know is all about personal creative self-expression. The north node presents a way forward, an evolutionary response to the south node story.

    But here is the interesting bit. Uranus, the modern ruling planet of the sign Aquarius, is a planet associated with, among other things, rebellion, with questioning authority, with living one’s truth, with profound individuation, and it is precisely 90 degrees away from each of those nodes, in what we call a square aspect. Taken together, the nodes and Uranus form what is called a T-square, with Uranus at the apex of that configuration in the chart.

    The square aspect is said to be one of friction, it demands resolution, it gets our attention. Uranus in this position indicates “a crisis/trauma of individuation,” that in the karmic past things likely didn’t go so well for you in speaking your truth. The fact that Uranus has shown up in this configuration in the chart for this lifetime tells us that you are being strongly invited to resolve this karma positively, which will require you to be absolutely true to yourself, and to express your true voice (that Uranus is placed in the 3rd house, an area of the chart that is all about communication and the voice).

    I hope these details make sense, Lauren. It’s always so profound for me to see this “story” in the chart and then to hear it described with detail in the life of the person whose chart I am looking at. So, thank you for your generosity in sharing yourself. I hope these insights are ultimately supportive and affirming for your work. And, to be continued …