• Lauren Potts

    February 27, 2022 at 7:16 am

    Hi Joanne! Surprisingly, because I love and collect books, I don’t have Tarot book that I feel super connected to. I have Rachel Pollack’s “78 Degrees of Wisdom” and I take a look at it sometimes for insight into the more obscure symbols in the Smith-Rider Waite deck. But aside from learning at the side of my friend when we began offering AcuTarot together with her doing the readings, and my own experiential learning by pulling cards often and watching how they live into my days and life, most of my Tarot insight has been through Lindsay Mack. She has a podcast called “Tarot for the Wild Soul” that I have really gotten a lot of insight from, and it inspired me to take a deep dive, 8-week class with her in 2020 where she went through each card in the deck from her Soul evolutionary perspective. I don’t agree with every interpretation she offers but the basic approach is totally aligned for me. She really encourages knowledge of the Tarot through direct transmission, a re-wilding of Tarot, while offering inspiration from her own experience.