• Angela Coon

    February 27, 2022 at 8:25 am

    Thank you. I find the root issue of fear of abandonment is often disguised. The behaviour might first be a situation that is triggering self doubt, unbeknownst to me. If I operate from self doubt I may then quickly move to over effort, shut down, minimize, avoid, or abandon myself so some kind of identity project can surface/ protect me to make sure I don’t get abandoned…..If I can take the first response of self doubt away and get to the body felt sense of abandonment I believe I can be my authentic self and handle the abandonment part if that is what happens. Currently I am seriously in it, major trauma occurring at home on the heels of 2021 …my adrenals aren’t so happy but I am trying to see where I’ve consistently abandoned myself to be “the best mom, daughter, sister, friend, dogowner, collaborator, acupuncturist” etc….” to fill the role so I am not abandoned, when in fact, I am exhausted now…..make sense? Thank you!