• Lorie Dechar

    February 27, 2022 at 8:43 am

    Good morning Kari!

    I’m chiming in to say that I am continuing to follow your work with dreams and prima materia. I agree with what Benjamin has shared about your chart and the imperative for you to establish a vessel that can contain the Watery depths of your authentic nature. Writing is one way to begin to build a container so you are on a good course with this journaling and sharing of your dreams and reflections. I also like the idea of working with Pink Torch Ginger as an ally to this inner work process.

    In terms of the recurrent exploding plane motif, I resonate with what you shared:

    I believe the exploding planes were the alarms to bring me back to the beginning and the wall is the deeper issue at this stage. Even as it is seemingly dissolving, I feel the energetic resonance. I never before connected the fortress wall around my healer and the nursery school fence I was watching over. Thank you. This is my PM.

    This realization, in itself, is a piece of alchemical work as you transform the seemingly threatening image of the exploding plane (lead) into a helpful “alarm” calling you back to a deeper issue (gold). This transformation is in line with the first principle of alchemical dream work which we will explore in more depth later in the mentorship which states that:

    “All dreams come in service of our healing and wholeness.”

    While there are some rare exceptions to this basic principle, I would say that you are on the right track with unpacking the exploding plane symbol as a radical calling – an “alarm”- that is actually a helpful calling you back to your self in a new way – leading you to a re-visioning / re-framing of the nursery school fence and the deeper boundary clarification / installation that is your prima materia!

    Good work with this, Kari!