• benjamin@anewpossibility.com

    February 28, 2022 at 9:50 am

    Hi Judy – I’ve just messaged you on our network as I’m not able to locate your birth details. I want to have the visual of your chart so I can stop putting the pieces together in my head.

    Mars retrograde in Virgo rules my chart from the 6th house, so I truly understand the inhibition (and the blessing) of your Mercury in Virgo as final dispositor of your chart. A strong Mercury as well in its rulership and conjunct the MC! I look forward to seeing what support there is for your more magical, non-rational self.

    I have really grappled myself with the “carefully crafted script” tendency in my own work as an astrologer. My Mercury is in Capricorn in the 10th, so not a lot of help. But I am thorough! 😊 Practice has helped me, being willing to jump in and just say “yes,” being willing to let it be imperfect, messy, and focussing strongly on my heart connection to the material and to my clients. Admittedly, coming to that ‘YES’ took a good deal of prodding from my fiery partner!

    Lorie, as you know, is a quadruple Aries … she does, indeed, lead on her feet. But I have also seen her put tremendous time and energy into preparation. Her Sun is, after all, in the 6th house. Each of us needs to find our way, and of course we do learn and take inspiration from one another.

    Is it your natal Mars that is at 0 degrees Aries (or Progressed?) … I’ll know soon enough when I get your birth details. And I can speak from experience in saying that the Progressed Sun coming to the ascendant catalyzed a profound and major shift in my life. After nearly 3 decades of being in the 12th house, it felt like a rebirth, a long-awaited emergence of my Self. I’m excited to witness what it brings for you.

    Your idea for the podcast (and your book) is so needed. There is another man in our community, Eric Cohen, a psychiatrist, who is exploring in his own life and work similar themes regarding a paradigm shift in psychiatry. Perhaps at one point it would make sense to connect the two of you.