• Amy Benac

    March 1, 2022 at 8:12 am

    Benjamin – thank you so much for your receptivity, sensitivity, and support – I appreciate that beyond words. Through years of trauma therapy, I have been able to bring most of my younger selves to a beautiful safe place where they rest, play, and heal – your little guy can totally visit anytime!

    I love that summation that you’ve suggested. I wasn’t sure if I could say something general like wanting to transform the negative beliefs, or if it needed to be more specific – like specific thoughts/beliefs – but there are so many of them and I was having a hard time getting to one or two sentences. So the statement you suggested works for me and I would add two things – including that I have negative beliefs about others and that I want to come into my authenticity and power as a practitioner as well – so that it reads:

    I want to transform the negative beliefs I have about myself and others that resulted from coping strategies and belief systems set in place by childhood abuse, and discover my strength, power, and worth as a woman and as a practitioner.

    Thank you again for your assistance and kindness.