• Amy Gordon

    March 3, 2022 at 9:16 am

    Hi Benjamin and Lorie,

    Thank you immensely for this feedback. Benjamin, it’s hard to articulate an answer to your question. I’ve mostly disentangled from being affected by media… but there are so many openings through which destructive thoughts can get in (motherhood is a big one, well-meaning feedback from other healers that’s covered in their own goo is another one) and it’s challenging to parcel through what’s me and not me. This exact question, and my own extra senses opening up led me to reiki and then Energy Medicine about a year ago and the questions are mounting 🙂

    Lorie, your reflection helped so much and is spot-on. It’s like this possession-embodiment dance. This is a topic that really lights me up too. I wonder if we’ll have space for it this year and am excited to learn more. I’ll look into the Flower Essence, and thank you for the reminder that smells can help put me back in my body. I have an energy medicine practice of putting myself back in my body also in these moments, and am deep in the practice of building my energetic boundaries, but it feels like the further I go these “oppositional forces” can feel very powerful. Thank you for using the word “possession.” It pointed me back to my Acupuncture tools and I’m drawn to the Ghost points and Worsley’s Dragons protocols. Do you have a 5-elements reference that you recommend when working with these?

    Much love and gratitude!