• benjamin@anewpossibility.com

    March 4, 2022 at 8:02 am

    Rebecca – thank you for persevering through the struggle, and for giving expression to the process you are engaged in. What you’ve shared is surely cohesive enough, and like Lorie, I look forward to hearing more if there are additional pieces you want to share after your first lab group meeting.

    It’s difficult to find words myself to describe the feelings that arose in me as I read your writing. There is awe, a kind of disbelief and astonishment all at once by the recognition of what we carry. And then there is the curiosity connected to the perennial question of my life – what is it that makes one person jump off a bridge in response to the gravity of life, or go mad, or resort to addiction, while another person finds the spiritual resilience to survive, to turn inward, to be a force for healing.

    I want to believe that our work has the power (and the magic) to make a difference for your mother, your sister, your child, the memory of your brother and your grandmother. That we can find some way to transform this suffering and somehow make it meaningful, redemptive.

    One thing that keeps coming to me as I read the brave and honest writing that you and so many others are doing is that we must move slowly as we find our words, our voices, our truth. I know from my own experience that my body holds what I know, and that it is only when I can connect deeply to my embodied feeling that I can really find a kind of freedom through my voice. I want our vessel to be a safe space for this kind of embodied sharing. I am committed to making it so as I do want to hear more of what you want to say.

    Thank you, Rebecca. I look forward to continuing our work together.