• Babbie Stern

    March 4, 2022 at 12:37 pm

    Thank you so much, Lorie.

    My limited understanding of Rahu Ketu is that it is the culmination of the last 18 year Rahu cycle; it is considered the most intense and challenging time in a persons’ incarnation. All of Rahu is chaotic and constantly disruptive to test “how am I in the moment?”

    For me personally, my astrologer said that in this Rahu Ketu time, I will come to a place where I’m functioning from extraordinary calibrations (vibrational frequencies) that I haven’t known yet, and my challenge will be one of “can one with this level of awakened sensitivity live in this culture?”. He says it is an alchemical time (how amazing that I found you and this course!) that could be “explosive” with new revelations and that I’m already primed for it.

    To me, this feels intimidating, scary and exciting all at the same time, so I REALLY appreciate you offering the support and the mentorship to help prepare.

    Specific signs/ hints/ clues? For sure. My lease on my clinic space finished at the end of December, we moved from Park City to a farming community, I moved my clinic out to the farm, but still am very undecided if I want to keep practicing, or if I want to transform my practice into a more alchemical approach. Utah licensure says that I can’t be an ND and own, directly or indirectly, my own farm, so I am currently deciding if I give up my license to farm. My current romantic relationship is in position where we may be redefining our boundaries, which puts the foundation of the farm and permaculture community and most everything else into question and uncertainty (I guess this is common in the 9th house?).

    I can feel the old story winding down and the stirrings of the new story, but it’s all still very wobbly. When I practice the inner sensing, the uncomfortability in my body is ever-present; a heaviness, an ache, an anxiety, an impatience. I discovered that the impatience is just because I want to quickly fast-forward through the uncomfortable feelings, but Alana and our lab group helped me realize that none of us get to “fast-forward” through this. Darn. 😉 So I get to learn how to just be uncomfortable and uncertain and remember the only thing I can control is my response and my vibrational frequencies. I *know* deep in my being, that this is part of the alchemical process and am sincerely grateful for it. I am also very grateful to you and Benjamin for offering this course and guidance through these times. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. Thank you.