• Lorne Brown

    March 5, 2022 at 6:46 am

    Hi Katie

    Thanks for the good questions.

    Quick request. Can you add your photo to your mentorship account please? I do find seeing faces comforting and inviting to respond. Thanks

    Not sure Dr Baek will respond to our questions. She issuer busy. I know when I have asked REs they think testing is so inaccurate that they do not give it much weight and use DHEA as kitchen sink approach for tough cases. ND’s and functional medicine docs think different about testing. I think there are some who are much more knowledgeable and intimate using DHEA can can share how and when to use it. I know my ND colleagues used it for adrenal fatigue based on how Dan KALISH taught it in his program and it is a very low dose compared to how REs prescribe it. I recall a course ages ago by brandon horn ages ago about adding quercitin if someone was on DHEA. Curious about others knowledge and experience using it? Some seem to definitely benefit from it and some don’t. I know Center for human Reproduction is one of the bigger proponents of DHEA. https://www.centerforhumanreprod.com/contents/additional-services/dhea-treatment/dhea-ivf

    Stress and cortisol. If you make a mountain out of it with your patient then it will not be beneficial so good you are bringing it here first and not to her. Seems she is making a change in an RE so she can have more timely care which may reduce her stress. And if I were seeing her I would use this time to teach her stress reducing techniques and support her body to deal with stress

    – breath

    – walks in nature

    – exercise

    – guided mediations

    – acupuncture 2/week

    – herbs

    – magnesium

    – b complex

    – and being a laser enthusiasts I would use my laser system to engage her PNS (plan to share in June as Laura’s expert speaker)

    Hope this was helpful.

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    See you online Sunday, March 6, for module 2