• benjamin@anewpossibility.com

    March 5, 2022 at 12:35 pm

    Christine – I’ve read through your Lead Nugget post a few times. Your writing is a form of poetry, and it touches me the way poetry can and does. I was also very touched by Daniel’s response and your exchange with him.

    I most often see and hear and feel my experience of others through my connection to astrology and the archetypes that system offers. It’s the lens through which I most readily perceive the world. Reading your prima materia, I am reminded of the solitude of Capricorn … its capacity and gift for resilience in the face of difficult circumstances, but even more so the benefit it takes from overcoming obstacles alone. I wonder how that “theory” about Capricorn lands in you, how it might even live in you. Somehow, I imagine that this ability of your stellium of planets in Capricorn has allowed you to find the gold of self-love through the experience of your not being heard. I have the image of your feeling almost invisible, but you have not become invisible to yourself … your creativity proclaims your existence.

    So, I want to say that, like Daniel, I do hear you and I also am feeling you. Grateful for your voicing your truth in writing here. Eager to hear more from you, more of you.