• Lorie Dechar

    March 5, 2022 at 1:26 pm

    Christine, you have opened an intense, vulnerable and relevant conversation here. I appreciate the depth of honesty and poetry you bring to this piece of work. I also appreciate Daniel’s insightful and compassionate response.

    I take in your words:

    A bheil mi gu leor? No one hears me, so why waste my breath?

    And read and take in the body felt sense response:

    When I feel into my body, it’s a sensation of a sword pushed through from about T12 to the tip of my xiphoid process (Conception vessel 15 – Dove tail). This sword twists at my centre every time I prepare myself to speak up.

    I think of the point Small Intestine 19 – Listening Palace – opening from the sorting function and compassionate listening of the Fire Element to the deep wisdom, twilight vision and inner receptivity of the Water – Bladder 1 – Eyes Bright.

    This Entry / Exit Treatment opens us to the capacity to listen to the space between the words, listen to the silences and the hushed whispers of the heart and to see with owl’s eyes into the darkness.

    The sword that pierces your core may also be a needle attempting to connect your back (hidden) side to your front (visible) side while activating the heart protective capacities of the Pericardium.

    Rice grain moxa on CV 15 Dove Tail with a drop of Rose Oil comes to me as a treatment in response.

    Opening your heart to the world with wuwei – doing by not doing / speaking from the heart with effortless trust – while feeling safe … this is the task of the Heart Protector Official – whose master point is located right there at the tip of the xiphoid.

    I also consider Dove Tail a meeting point of the Upper Mansion – the residence of Heart and Lungs. So there is an implicit spirit level potency of this point that would support you in believing that it is safe to speak from your heart and that you don’t have to be concerned with whether what you say is valuable to others but rather that it is authentic to you.

    As Daniel wrote so beautifully,

    “Thank you for sharing. Especially given the fact that being heard is part of your work I wanted to say that not only are you being heard, you are being felt.”