• Vicki Rivard

    March 5, 2022 at 2:17 pm

    Hi Benjamin,

    I do not know Monique Gaboury, though the Gaboury line does extend out west so there may a connection somewhere.

    (Fun fact: My grandfather’s family tree includes Marie-Anne Gaboury, grandmother of Louis Riel, one of the founders of Manitoba and the leader of the Métis people who led two resistance movements against the Canadian government. Resistance and revolution run in the family!)

    And ohhh yes. Diana will hear your voice long after you have returned to spirit form. She will remember your hands. She will remember your heart. You will be alive in her stories, and in her dreams, and in the way she confidently moves through the world. The grandfather-granddaughter dance lasts forever. What a gift, for both of you. <3