• Christine MacSween

    March 6, 2022 at 10:23 am

    Benjamin, Thank you for your reply. I’ve been reading and rereading it as well. Soaking in the recognition I feel from your words. I’ve been steeped in astrology for so long, I love a fresh perspective. I often find Capricorn descriptions come up short, but the right words at the right time sink deep. One of my favourite quotes about Capricorn is that we are “All Terrain Vehicles” We can dive to the deepest seas, and climb the highest mountains. Also our relationship to Pan often gets missed – which I’m leaving this as a reminder to myself to relook at those stories. So words, about resilience and facing obstacles alone is something I see repeated in my chart. Massive Capricorn stellium + my Aries Moon. And yet that stellium is in the 11th house. Groups such as this are always so integrative for me and the alchemy is rich.

    This brings me back to my book, and the awareness that I will likely be doing much of it on my own. I keep asking myself if I’m just avoiding help, or if the adventure itself in the process is what my soul is wanting to experience as one of my Capricorn mountains. As if it wants as little outside influence as possible. Not that others won’t be involved, but that recognition that it’s also ok to go at it alone. Both/and.

    I also have Mercury Rx in Sagittarius. An astrologer told me that she could see Mercury paddling back in my chart to the fire, since I already have so much Earth. Paddling back to the sign of the storyteller – and trine my Aries Moon. Although Saturn and Chiron square my Moon (exact to the degree!), Mercury paddled back to help out. Also wild to think about now, after my mom’s death. Her Sun was at 25 Aries with my Moon.

    So thank you again for seeing me, my capacity, and my gifts.