• Christine MacSween

    March 6, 2022 at 2:50 pm

    Lorie, thank you so much for your reply and weaving of wisdom and advice.

    I love that you brought up both Listening Palace and Eyes Bright, as I often find myself massaging these points – one after the other. I didn’t know it was an entry/exit treatment! I have a whole poem about Eyes Bright as well. It often comes up as a writing prompt when I open Kigo.

    I also love that you brought up wuwei. When I’m feeling caught in the tension and uncertain what aspect to listen to, I open Kigo to the first paragraph of Water and feel instantly at ease.

    Speaking of the Pericardium, I have been learning more and more about this official – I have a long standing skin issue on my 3rd digit on my R hand. It often flares as the “doing” heats up, and I have the sensation of holding the reins too tightly (this shows up in my jaw too).

    I found the Spirit Point meditation on Foot Above Tears was incredibly helpful. I watched it following submitting my Prima Materia. It was soothing to feel that strength of water beneath my feet, ready to take those next steps as they appear. Plus, as I was just in England, the snow drops were everywhere!

    Thank you again. These exchanges are so nourishing and I look forward to continuing to dive deep in these alchemical realms with you and Benjamin and all here in our group!