• Lorie Dechar

    March 6, 2022 at 3:16 pm

    Dear Alice,

    I am circling back around to your prima materia which you posted a while back. I am wondering if you have started working with Centaury yet. I agree with Benjamin that it would be a very good ally for you. I think of Centaury as the “I matter” flower. Not in the sense of being narcissistic but in the sense of honoring your own soul even (and especially) in your own right-size humanity. Centaury understands that none of of can “take responsibility for everything.” It’s a losing game because that kind of responsibility lies in the realm of Tao / the divine or whatever you call the benevolence beyond. The beauty of Centaury (and you can get the feeling of that in the photos) is that “she” knows her own unique divinity as well as the limitations of her own scale and she blesses the world from that authentic place.

    I love that you have identified this as your Prima Materia. I do now know you well yet but I already get the resonance with other things you shared in your introduction. I look forward to supporting you in transforming this lead of hyper-responsibility into a shimmering expression of your own radiance!

    Keep us posted as you work with the flowers and also as you experience the unfolding petals of the course.

    Sending warm and bright regards 🌟