• benjamin@anewpossibility.com

    March 6, 2022 at 3:20 pm

    Christine – I’m grateful we can speak astrology together. The “All Terrain Vehicles” descriptive for Capricorn is a new one to me, though it makes great sense given the symbol of the Sea Goat for the sign. An impossible creature that, as you say, can plunge the depths of the sea and climb to the highest peaks. I’d also love it if you share your sources for the Capricornian relationship to Pan. Jason Holley, an astrologer/therapist friend whose work I admire, has a good webinar on Capricorn in Myth and Psyche here … you might take more gems in it.

    I did note your Aries Moon, and its exact square to your natal Saturn. More indicators for both your courageous perseverance and for a tendency to go it alone. But that 11th house! It surely is beckoning you to make a contribution to the collective. I have a sense that your book, though you may do much of it alone, will ultimately connect you to many.

    My teacher always said that 11th house planets bloom late in life. It’s a house concerned with “future plans and goals.” As someone with both my Sun and Moon in that house, I can attest to the truth in this teaching from my own experience.

    Steven also talks about planets in the 2nd house as being connected to a need to prove one’s worth to oneself. It feels like the emotional drive to climb the Saturnian mountain might be connected to some establishment of your own resource, your own basis of self-worth. I could be mistaken in my interpretation here, so please correct me if so.

    <font face=”inherit”>It’s remarkable that your mother’s Sun was conjunct your Moon, square your Saturn. To me, that speaks so strongly to the karma between you, and even to the way she is shining her solar light through you as you undertake the book. Surely Mercury in </font>Sagittarius<font face=”inherit”> in trine to that Moon has “paddled back to help” … I </font>love<font face=”inherit”> </font>that<font face=”inherit”> framing of your Rx Mercury. </font>

    <font face=”inherit”>I look forward to reading some of your writing if/when you feel ready to share. </font>