• Christine MacSween

    March 6, 2022 at 3:25 pm

    Thanks Benjamin! I’m very visual and my art and photography is a way that I like to zoom in to micro patterns and feel into the macro themes.

    Here is one of the poems on Eyes Bright, and Spirit Storehouse. I have a few (I have a notebook at my Dad’s place that I know the other Eyes Bright poem is in). This one was also inspired by one of the horses I love to paint, who comes alive in the snow. I felt resonance as a Capricorn/depths of winter baby.

    Frolics in the snow

    Some flowers bloom

    in the snow

    some horses find

    their footing

    in the cool ground

    shocked with

    frost and ice

    crystallized water

    clings to the hair

    around the face.

    Some flowers bloom

    in the snow.

    Eyes bright

    in the wilderness

    of frozen water



    to an inner


    only found in the