• Christine MacSween

    March 6, 2022 at 3:59 pm

    I, too, am grateful for the shared language!

    I remember reading a long article about the relationship of Pan to Capricorn, but am unsure where that was now! However, I do have Caroline Casey’s book, “Making the God’s Work for You” and love her weaving of mythology.

    I opened to this page and this quote stuck out to me once again:

    “In contrast, if Capricorn is free to find its own path, then it has the feisty, randy, Pan-like zest of the wild, sturdy mountain goat. The goat can climb any mountain, so one of Capricorn’s main issues is deciding which mountain to climb. Often the Capricornian experience is one of attaining the summit only to look around and say, “Oh, blast, wrong mountain.” But from the top of even the wrong summit, often the correct one is in sight. After a momentary lapse into depression and resignation, Capricorn can then turn again to delight once the proper solo journey is mapped out in its mind. Capricorn’s task is to be able to climb solitary heights where no one else can go, and to offer us a vision of what we might create together.

    Casey, Caroline. Making the Gods Work for You: The Astrological Language of the Psyche (p. 48). Kindle Edition.

    I related deeply to the “which mountain to climb”. But each mountain provided skills for the next. My seemingly winding, incoherent path, made/makes sense in my own body. I’m grateful my parents always encouraged me to follow whatever path, without too much questioning. But of course, they did the same in their own lives. It’s my own father’s generosity that allowed me to even be in this mentorship!

    Thank you for that image of my mom’s solar light shining through my moon. I always jokingly say she’s my battery pack, but there is truth to that.

    Thank you for sharing about being late bloomer – both here and on Stephanie’s Prima Materia. I also feel this is a theme that is becoming more and more recognized. The slow process of wisdom and maturity. The lengthening of the human life span and when is true “adulthood” now? I often feel I’m still in the midst of adolescence, although…I have also heard people speak of the Benjamin Button nature of Capricorn. Often as children we can seem old, serious, responsible, and the older we get, the more our child like nature comes out. I often say I’m here to Grow Down, not Up. Ha! So the image of Descending the Mountain of the Five Spirits was such a welcome visual to my Capricorn Heart! And thank you for sharing your friend’s class! I will certainly check it out.