• Nicole Thiel

    March 7, 2022 at 4:12 pm

    Thank you, Lorie.

    Meeting this oil in wonder as when I was a child. From the beginning, felt the essence took me on a journey of discovery. Beyond thoughts, leading to recognition of the pathways being touched. “Pay attention. “A participant in flow of such exchange with a tree being.

    Continuing influences,

    The path of trajectory is similar, ascent through Ki/ REn to the Lungs with green tips on the canopy of the Lung energy. In descent spreads Ren 10-15. to uterus. Most interesting is shift in entelchy from metal’s resolution/dissolution to moving toward completion. And entering into the water / sustaining while adding PO into the strengthening of root in anticipation.

    The eyes of the lioness simply looking deeply without judgment, without any desire to move to go any where. At ease, at home since early February.
    Since then, tree roots, expand, spread, and talk to me. Discernment grows. Awareness / presence manifests.
    There is a rhythm of a pulse of heartbeat, including mine, and so much larger.

    Shen is present.
    Some essential is renewed, returned, present. Seems to be resting in the core, while the roots are spreading in depth and strength.
    Simultaneously, the promise of growth/emergence is similiar to what Nature is manifesing daily: buds form, color changes from bare branches to green red tipped a promise given, leaves are returning, yet not yet openned. Pre manifestation.

    Sense of agency continues to emerge.

    Thank you Lorie and Benjamin to leading us to this generous ally and sharing the dance with your insights. 💫