• Lorie Dechar

    March 8, 2022 at 10:35 am

    Dearest Kate,

    I am taking in your writing here which beautifully distills your inner work as well as how this inner process is allowing your radiance to shine outward to the world. I totally agree with what you have identified as your prima materia:

    My prima materia feels like next edge for me, for my Pericardium to come into right relationship to the Heart. For it to be a protector, not against the fear of re-experiencing the shaming and emotional neglect of my childhood, but in the way I need it now.

    I also love how you close this post:

    I’m imagining an inner support for my creative life and a feeling that my heart can simply exist, that I can really see, sense, hear and feel it, and that as it feels safe it can open to a spaciousness for my spirit to stabilize and root within, and shine forward into the world.

    This is a clear and potent articulation of how a healthy pericardium functions so that the “heart can simply exist” so that we can “really see, sense, hear and feel” what the heart is expressing.

    The point that comes to me is Pericardium 5 – Jian Shi – The Intermediary – the Metal Point of the Pericardium meridian. This is not only because of the Metal / Fire dance I witness in you but also to empower the sense of preciousness that Metal carries for the soul. This point has a palpable potent calming and strengthening effect on the heart.

    In Characters of Wisdom, Debra Katz writes that this point, “brings a quality to our energy and life … and helps our inner and outer worlds to work i harmony with inspiration, precision and quality.” Feels just right for you!

    Touch this point with Rose Quartz distilled in Apricot Kernel Oil left out for the night in the moonlight and see what alchemy arises!

    I look forward to continuing and expanding our journey together over the coming year and beyond!