• Lorie Dechar

    March 8, 2022 at 11:09 am

    Dear Cari, thank you for sharing this poignant distillation of your inner work and current prima materia. Like Benjamin, I have read a number of times to take in the essence …

    I am touched by this line and resonate with it quite deeply:

    How to be an embodied and vulnerable human, while living in an unpredictable weather pattern.

    I get that this challenge – to stay embodied, vulnerable and human in the midst of unpredictable weather – is a very real, constant and pressing issue for you in your life with your son. But in a way, it also encapsulates the essence of alchemical work and one of the central concerns of the mentorship. How do we maintain a connection to our own center, our heart and our tao as we move through the storms, uncertainties and challenges of embodied life?

    I hope that you will find some new tools and practices here as well as various forms of support as you work with this situation.

    I agree with Benjamin, if you have not yet been using flower essences, they could be a good tool to bring in to your work, not only for you but for your son. Let’s keep that consideration open and see what feels right as the year unfolds.