• Lauren Potts

    March 9, 2022 at 7:45 am

    Vicki, thank you for sharing your story here. It is a nearly unfathomable loss to have suffered and one that I know changes you forever. I’m awed by the comfort and sacredness you created for yourself in your alter to baby Gabriel, and by the incredible courage it must have taken to face into his absence and still to nurture your relationship with him in the ways you describe. So incredibly moving to hear your process. I will absolutely share this practice with my client. She has left Lydia’s nursery – decorated with a lemon/yellow theme – untouched and has found comfort in celebrating the color and lemons. She wears a necklace with a lemon charm now, for instance, and maintains a bright yellow pedicure. But I know she feels a weight of needing to “do something” about the nursery. Creating an altar as a first step towards that might be the perfect move when she is ready for it. Thank you so much for the suggestion and for sharing your experience.

    I worked as a birth doula through the end of acupuncture school and into the first several years of my practice. It’s being so close to that phenomenal moment of a soul’s entrance into this world that allowed me to recognize the same/very similar energy present in the transition into death when I encountered it later in life in two instances where I was blessed to be near that sacred energy with people I cared for. I admire your work as a Death Doula and have often wondered if that is a calling that will come for me at some point in life. I would be interested in talking sometime about how you perform that incredibly important role. I don’t know much about it but would love to know more about the support you provide. I bet you are brilliant in that role. What a sacred service to provide. 🙏💖🙏