• Rebecca Donnelly

    March 9, 2022 at 7:20 pm


    Thank you. . . I have been wanting to sit down when I have enough space to respond. First of all I can’t say enough how deeply I appreciate the thoughtful responses from both you and Benjamin. It is such a unique experience to try to articulate a lifetime of a deeply experienced personal challenge in an embodied context for others to read. It has touched me deeply to feel heard and seen after sharing this.

    I appreciate the suggestion of practicing forgiveness. I have engaged a bit with Kristen Neff’s work on self compassion and it is absolutely a juicy and needed place of practice for me. I think this pointed suggestion to use it in relationship to how I practice or how I engage with using my voice could be really fruitful.

    After our group I feel more clear that communication, ownership of my thoughts, and this tightening around my throat is a primary piece of Prima Materia. I also have clarity that the second part is in the family energetics of choosing to not live because the pain is unbearable.

    I am looking forward to continue to massage the language around both the lead and the gold and work with the discomfort of bringing all of this to the forefront of my awareness.

    Again, thank you for creating this container and forum for healing in this way.