• benjamin@anewpossibility.com

    March 10, 2022 at 1:44 pm

    Lauren – powerful stuff, indeed! Thanks so much for taking the time to write out this share, and I’m glad that you did write it instead of sharing it verbally at Office Hours as your doing so has allowed it to be archived here … and has also created the space for the rich exchange with Vicki, and possibly others.

    Reading your and Vicki’s words to one another literally feels like deep soul nourishment, so thank you to both of you. And Vicki, I echo so much of what Lauren said … incredibly moving to hear your process and also to learn from your courage and surrender.

    As Lorie said, what you’ve described is such a beautiful illustration of profound engagement with the alchemy. I admire your willingness to have jumped in and facilitated the inner sensing process with this woman. The “dragon’s roar” body felt sense she got in touch with is so potent.

    No doubt you will feel more smooth with the process of leading someone with time, and Lorie will also talk about engaging with the body felt sense more intentionally to take the process further. Meanwhile, your contact with Kali and your decision to bring that archetype into the treatment through talking is another fundamental alchemical tool that we will discuss further as the year unfolds.

    What I most love is that you didn’t feel any compulsion to force the throat feeling toward resolution. Sometimes that can be the hardest part … feeling like we are not able to “fix” the presenting symptom. But your honoring of it, your support of it, all while trusting in the kairos of her process … that is it! I’m sure that breaking some shit with her husband will be great therapy, and I hope she is open to Vicki’s idea of an alter.

    One other offering if she is open to it and it resonates for you to suggest it … Flower Essence Services makes a product called Grief Relief. Good stuff!

    Thanks, Lauren, for sharing this case with us.