• Kari Knapstad

    March 11, 2022 at 1:56 am

    Thank you, Lauren. I’ve been excited to start working on our PM, and clearly it is already happening. For the past year leading up to this, I’ve focused with bodywork on freeing my inner healer. I am grateful that those preparations are allowing this stage to unfold more smoothly.

    I just now realized a cool thing about the swing last week, about fences. Since you’ve read what I wrote about my dreams and the PM process, I expect this will make sense. Construction was happening in this park where the swing set used to be, so they had moved it about 20 yards away facing the construction, which was fenced off with tarps and a chain linked fence. So I was actually looking at the outside of a fence while swinging. Can’t make this stuff up! I’ve spent years and years focused on healing many things, usually through tears and often suffering in the process. I receive this stage of ease and flow with radiant acquiescence. 🙏