• Kate Rosko

    March 12, 2022 at 4:00 pm

    Benjamin, these are amazing insights…and I am especially grateful to you for putting into words what I’ve always felt are extremely contradictory energies in my chart. As I’ve been taking this in, I’m understanding that a version of myself who wanted life to be “good”, “happy” and a steady evolution into a my best version has been dying/transforming as I follow the path where it’s taking me.

    I’m in a moment of holding the tension between seeing (with an inner sight) my magic and light and how very real and present that is to me / and how it’s been buried within (and because of?) the very challenges you’re describing, especially the soul loss as a sacrifice to uphold the power dynamics and illusions of key relationships.

    I can feel the alchemy here supporting me in integrating those challenges, not as distractions from the way life “should be”…but as trustworthy energies that lead me down in and deeper where the light is and always has existed. I’m also getting really curious about another way through that’s not the gritted teeth and dissociating fear of the solo Arian south node mission. Much more to say, but that gets at the essence of this moment…and your words feel like a space for me to return to be seen and explore this more deeply.

    I’ll say, too, that I’m thinking a lot about how the Oneness that’s underlying creates a kind of prismatic holograph of the karmic/embodied experience…I’m hoping to have more conversations about that as the year unfolds.

    Thank you from my Heart!❤✨