• Lorie Dechar

    March 13, 2022 at 9:56 am

    The delight in working together again is mutual, Amy! I knew you’d come back around when the time was right and conditions were favorable.

    Moving forward with this investigation of the role of the Small Intestine and Heart in your current alchemy, I suggest reading the section in Kigo on Small Intestine 19 – Ting Gong – Listening Palace (pages 156-159) and the treatment suggestion for the flower essence, Yarrow. I feel that this discriminating capacity is one part of the work you are up to (but not the whole picture). I could see you working with Yarrow Flower Essence for a month or so before beginning the next step of this journey.

    Once you have moved into the Yarrow phase of “discovering who your really are,” this “untangling” of “what’s mine / what’s not mine” that the Small Intestine regulates, the next phase is opening to empowerment. This is a true confront for anyone who has experienced significant trauma but I do have the sense that you are moving towards it.

    What comes to me is that you consider reframing “empowerment” from something you do to something you simply let go into … let flow through you … this is the Heart’s way of wu wei rather than an effort of the will.

    Open to the Red Bird who lives inside of you, the Red Bird that you are!

    CV 17 is the doorway! When you feel ready, perhaps around the time of our gathering in June, I suggest you begin working with this point with an oil – Blue Tansy comes to me now but let’s check back as we move through Wood into Fire. Meanwhile, read the section in Kigo on The Red Bird (pages 134-136) and spend some time doing some Inner Sensing around the point, in a sense, slowly warming and activating it over the next weeks of Wood … then we’ll reconvene.

    Meanwhile, keep us posted!