• Daniel Domoleczny

    March 14, 2022 at 9:37 am


    Thank you for sharing. While I will not pretend to know the turbulence of your life I can say it is incredibly brave to share these experiences at all, let alone through this type of medium so thank you for expanding the field with your words and experiences.

    I was once married to someone of Southeast Asian decent and while her family’s story was not identical to yours, there are many aspects that feel very similar. Having been part an intimate part of this family for years and seeing how those traumas affected the entire family and the subsequent generations I can say with much emphasis that your choice to live your life as a beacon of healing to others is a very noble cause. Additionally, your desire to work on these difficult (to say it lightly) life experiences is an even more noble cause. I watched that family try and cope with the culture, the pressures of work, family and never really devoted any time for themselves to venture into the parts that were so hidden, and yet so not. Again, I can never know your experience but I do feel there are so many others who will benefit directly and indirectly from your contribution to your own process. With a little luck, those transformations will extend to anyone and everyone whom you may touch directly and indirectly through our pervasive and unified field. Namaste my Sangha brother.